Why trading at markets is not all about selling!

In the world of small business promotion, taking part in markets is not just about selling your products; it’s a robust marketing strategy in its own right. While the ultimate goal of any business is sales, the advantages of trading at a market extend far beyond the transaction. Here’s why!

1. Visibility is essential

The visibility of your business can make or break its success. Markets offer an ideal platform for small businesses to be seen by a targeted audience (do your research first to make sure it is the right market for you!). Your presence at a market isn’t just about sales; it’s about connecting with your local community. It’s an opportunity to put a face to your business, share your unique story, and leave a lasting impression. This personal touch is impossible to replicate through online sales alone, enabling you to build strong customer relationships and foster a loyal customer base.

2. Cost-effective advertising

When it comes to affordability, trading at a market is a budget-friendly alternative to traditional advertising methods. Setting up a market stall typically requires only a modest investment, especially when compared to the costs of running social media ads. However, it’s crucial to make the most of this opportunity by connecting with people and actively seeking valuable feedback.

3. It’s a sensory experience

The sensory experience at markets is unparalleled. Whether you’re selling handcrafted candles, creamy lotions, aromatherapy products, mugs or cosy scarves, there’s no substitute for seeing, touching, and smelling them in person. At a market, customers can not only see the real colours and sizes of your products but also try them out and experience their scents. The ability to smell a soothing lavender candle, or feel the texture of a moisturising cream can be a game-changer. This sensory experience is something online shopping simply can’t replicate.

4. Networking opportunities

Beyond sales, participating in markets opens doors to valuable networking opportunities. You’ll be surrounded by fellow vendors who share your passion for handcrafted artisanal products. This network can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and insights from experienced sellers. By participating in markets, you become part of a vibrant community where you can collaborate on promotions, co-create products, or offer support to one another. This network can be a lifeline resource in your business journey.

5. Inspire and be inspired

Markets are hubs of inspiration and innovation. Meeting customers face to face provides invaluable insights into their preferences and needs. Their feedback can inspire you to refine your products, making them even more appealing to your target audience. It’s also an opportunity to take commissions or offer customisations, enhancing the uniqueness of your offerings.

6. Personal connections

Meeting customers in person at markets allows you to create personal connections. You may not sell on the day so don’t forget to provide business cards or contact information so they can reach out to you later (maybe have a QR code on your table with your website or social media links). Consider inviting them to join your mailing list, keeping them informed about new products, special offers, and upcoming market appearances. This way, you can stay in their minds and ensure they don’t forget you.

In a nutshell…

Trading at a market is about more than just selling products; it’s a strategic marketing move. It enhances visibility, offers cost-effective advertising, fosters a sense of community among independent businesses, provides a sensory experience that engages customers, and offers opportunities for networking, inspiration, and feedback. It also allows you to connect personally with customers, leaving a lasting impression and staying connected through mailing lists.

If you feel ready to take the leap, check this blog with tips on how to apply to trade at markets.


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