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Handmade ceramic bird-feeder in attractive globe shape, by Wendy Calder Ceramics.

Stuck for a thoughtful and original gift to thank your child’s teacher for all their hard work?

There’s a smorgasbord of inspiration here – including gorgeous handmade cards, jewellery, accessories, ceramics and homeware.


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Are you looking for sustainable and ethically made products and gifts?

With you can shop safe in the knowledge that all the brands we select share our ethos of sustainability, and ethically source their products to the very best of their abilities.

Join us in our market mission to celebrate the independent and the creatives from Bristol and beyond.


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We bring you the best makers and independent creatives in our online Makers Marketplace. Most of the makers we work with are from Bristol and the South West, but we also work with makers from further afield because we are a welcoming bunch and talent has no borders. If you are a small business owner, a maker or a vintage seller with ethical values and who cares for our planet and its humans, please fill the form below and we will be in touch! 


Bristol Markets

Find local markets and craft fairs near Bristol

At, our raison-d’être is to help you find the best makers and brands that the UK offer. Although we support makers all over the UK, we are very much based in Bristol (my babber!) and we wanted to make it easy for you to find local markets and craft fairs in the South West. Have a peruse on here and support local makers all year!

Great resource for finding Independent makers

'As we are an independent shop based in Bristol, we are always looking for new artists who make certain products. I would definitely recommend using the Bristol Market website as a helpful resource into finding the right artists for our store'

Chitra - Independent Design Collective

I get regular orders

'As a new business, I can not recommend being on the Bristol Market Directory strongly enough. I'm based in Scotland and only sell online, and I get regular orders throughout the year from Bristol and surrounding areas, which I can definitely attribute to being seen on this directory. It's worth the (very reasonable) price!

Alice - Pajama's Pantry

Bristol Market has become a community.

Bristol Market has become a community. We really feel how much Geraldine loves the traders she works with, she walks the walk, supports them and always has time for questions, to give advice and receive feedback. In uncertain times Bristol Markets is a light that shines. Our customer reach has expanded afar, and we have learnt how to implement a consistent online strategy to carry us forward.

Bohobo Aromatherapies

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