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Why choose Bristol Market?

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Core Values

Bristol Market showcases brilliant makers, producers and creatives via its lovingly-curated Makers Marketplace directory and Online Market. Bristol Market was founded by Géraldine Wise, a self-confessed market addict, long-time champion of all things independent and supporter of shopping small.

With a focus on ethical practice, quality, community and inclusivity, promoting the idea of ‘buying better’ is at the core of Bristol Market and all that it does. Géraldine handpicks each maker she works with, finding great pleasure in bringing together small businesses and shoppers whose values align.

While Bristol Market is named after Géraldine’s hometown base, its reach is far wider than a single city, attracting talented creatives and supportive customers from all over the UK and beyond.

Makers Marketplace & Online Market

Our Makers Marketplace directory features a wealth of tip-top brands producing wonderfully unique, handcrafted creations, designs and produce. The directory is a permanent resource on our website, ready to provide shopping inspiration whenever needed! Head to our Makers Marketplace to meet our makers.

Our Online Market is a weekend-long virtual market which takes place on Instagram and features thirty first-rate makers selling all kinds of high-quality goodies. No two markets are the same, so there’s always new talent to discover and support. Head to our Online Market page to find out more and see when the next market will take place.

About Géraldine

With a strong background in events, Géraldine has produced WOMAD festival shows around the globe, compiled publications for Alastair Sawday’s Special Places, tour managed numerous high-profile bands and run her own baby café business. For the past ten years, she has been working as a market manager for some of Bristol’s best-loved markets – including those at the Tobacco Factory and Temple Quay – nurturing them into popular events that feature some of the finest traders around and attract people from all over the city.

Géraldine started her Bristol Market project as a response to the Covid crisis of early 2020. As a market manager, Géraldine recognised lockdown restrictions would see markets shut for many months, jeopardising her traders’ livelihoods. She got to work organising a series of online markets via Instagram, providing a much-needed connection between makers and shoppers when in-person shopping wasn’t possible. The virtual markets were a huge hit, continuing even after restrictions were lifted. Géraldine has since launched the Bristol Market Makers Marketplace directory, a permanent showcase of incredible makers.

“I have loved markets for as long as I can remember. Growing up in France, market visits were a real pleasure for me, especially when holidaying in Provence. The hustle and bustle, the colours, the smells, each stall unique… Such a joyful atmosphere! Enjoying markets and supporting independent makers continued to be an important part of my life, but it was only when I became a market manager – almost by chance really – that I realised I wanted them to be the focus of my career too! The chance to work so closely with people who create and produce – people so full of passion and energy – is a privilege and something I truly relish.”


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