Top tips for applying to trade at a market

Are you a small, independent business looking to secure a spot at your local market? With over 15 years of experience organising markets, I’ve seen countless applications come through, and I’m here to help you stand out.

Here are nine top tips to enhance your chances of securing a spot and making a splash at your local market:

Check Out the Market

Before you dive into the application process, take some time to get to know the market you’d like to apply to. It’s crucial to ensure it’s the right fit for your business. Study the demographics of the market-goers and familiarise yourself with the types of stalls the market typically hosts. Don’t forget to strike up conversations with fellow makers; their insights can be invaluable!

Use A Professional Email Address

When reaching out to market organisers, make sure your email address can be found when searched for. Use a single professional email address that incorporates your business name. Create a signature that includes links to your social media profiles, website, and more. This makes it easier for organisers to find your information in their inbox.

Showcase Your Stall

People (including market organisers!) are naturally drawn to visually appealing stalls. Share images of your setup or provide a link to your Instagram page, where potential customers can find recent photos of your stall. Visual appeal goes a long way in grabbing attention.

Shine on Social Media

Show market organisers that you actively promote your business. Keep your Instagram presence fresh and active. Regular posts and engaging stories demonstrate that your business is alive and thriving. Consider separating your business and personal content on your Instagram grid.

Focus on a Specific Product Line

While it can be tempting to showcase a wide range of products, it’s best to stick to a specific product line. Having a clear focus makes it easier for market organisers to assess if your offerings complement the other traders’ goods and increases your chances of getting booked.

Handle Rejection Gracefully

Receiving a rejection can be disheartening, but remember, there are various reasons why you might not be selected. It is never personal; often, market managers know what works or not at their market and/or they may be over subscribed. Use rejection as an opportunity to refine your approach and consider reapplying in the future.

Be Concise and Relevant

When filling out the application, be clear, concise, and address all the criteria if applicable. Make your applications easy to read!

Check the FAQ

Before reaching out with questions, make sure to check the market website, social media bios, and FAQ section. Many common queries can be answered there, and it demonstrates that you’ve done your homework and respect their time.


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