Tenguerengue Art Works

 Children, Clothing & Accessories, Homeware & Décor, Kit Boxes

Tenguerengue is all about being in love with crochet, especially Amigurumi (or 3D crochet). I sell finished stuffed animals, plants, food or any crazy idea that crosses my mind. 

I also offer crochet kits to make your own because I know that there are many crafters out there looking for something a bit out of the ordinary that gives you the opportunity to play with your creativity. In case you are really up to it you can also contact me to sign up for one of my courses or workshops. I am a certified crochet instructor. 

My passion for crochet and textiles has become, for me, a natural way to express my creativity. Also the fact that you can literally put your project in your pocket and enjoy it anywhere makes it even cooler, doesn’t it?

An endless passion for crochet, textiles and paper inspired me to create Tenguerengue Art Works as a way to share the joy of crafts with others. 

I’m happily based in Bristol 🙂