Freja Myfanwy

 Bristol Makers, Children, Gifts for men, Homeware & Décor, Jewellery

Freja Myfanwy makes accessories and homeware for the eco-warrior. Treasuring natures beauty, I work on a 0% material waste promise, meaning that all wood is used to its full potential, making products from all off cuts. Using the traditional art form of woodturning and whittling to produce my work. The local British wood is sustainably sourced, turned and finished by hand. Taking inspiration from my heritage and name, my jewellery and accessories are designed to give the customer confidence, to feel like an urban warrior. While my homeware creates a warm contemporary feel to any setting. Self-worth and self-love are important concepts I encourage through my products. All products are made and finished to the highest quality, using my own wood finish recipe.

As a maker with ADHD, it is my belief that objects should invite people to touch them, to play with them, to engage and experiment. I enjoy creating interactive objects where form is important for pleasure of touch, to produce enjoyable silhouettes as well as ergonomic unity in their function.

Ultimately Freja Myfanwy is a family business, I am the daughter of a carpenter and am grateful for his wisdom and knowledge. From a family of 8, each member motivates, inspires and supports me in their own way. This is carried out into the communities which I am blessed to be part of, from fellow makers, small businesses, customers and many more. I created Freja Myfanwy to make a difference local and now I am driven to make an impact much further a field.