It’s Indie Friday! This week’s guest: Amelia Twine of Sustainable Fashion Week

Every Friday, I will share with you an interview asking independent champions to share with us their love for small brands and indie shops.  We are kicking off the series with Amelia from Sustainable Fashion Week. Have a read!

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Geraldine.

Please introduce yourself and tell us what you’re up to at the moment?

I’m Amelia and I lead the Sustainable Fashion Week project from Bristol. We work in creative community engagement, helping to inspire, empower and upskill people for a more sustainable relationship with fashion. We have our flagship event taking place in Bristol and beyond this September – everyone can take part.

I’m also the co-chair for a Sustainability & Social Justice Committee which works to influence policy in the UK, exploring best practice in fashion’s supply chains. 

Please tell us why you love shopping with independent businesses

One of my biggest beefs, especially with fashion, is knowing how the big brands line the pockets of their shareholders and executives… stuffing dividends into the hands of the already-wealthy at such a cost to people at both ends of the system.

Shopping with independent businesses can give us as consumers a better chance to invest in the people producing the goods, rather than in increasing the wealth of shareholders. 

Have you got favourite indie makers and brands you’d like to share with us?

Of course I’m going to focus on the South West and on clothes! Hmmm… I do love Rhubarb Jumble for a reliably good vintage selection.  And the story of Katie at Loopy Ewes is just everything that epitomises a better connection between fashion and the land for me. 

Do you visit markets regularly? If so, please let us know which ones and why you love them?

I only make it to the Tobacco Factory Sunday market – but love it. Primarily because it seems to take over the lower part of North Street (in reality the upper part of Raleigh Road!) and completely changes the energy of the area.

There’s a calm, semi-festival vibe which is perfect for a sleepy Sunday morning, and the fact that the range of traders is slightly different each week means it always feels fresh.

About Amelia Twine

After working in sustainability, in a variety of capacities and industries, for over a decade, Amelia turned her attention to fashion in 2018 and now works in campaigning for a just and sustainable fashion industry.

Initially running the womenswear platform Give Wear Love, Amelia then founded the Sustainable Fashion Week (SFW) project. Working in creative community engagement, SFW explores how to make sustainability in fashion feel more relevant and accessible, promoting community-led action to inspire, empower and upskill people, equipping them for a more sustainable relationship with fashion.

Amelia also works with Fashion Roundtable’s committees – seeking to influence UK policy in favour of best practice in the fashion system. Amelia is the co-chair of their Sustainability & Social Justice committee.


Bristol Market

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