Sky Siouki Exhibition at ACEarts

Bristol artist Sky Siouki has just launched her first solo exhibition of paintings at ACEarts in Somerton, titled Endangered. The exhibition presents a new collection of abstract paintings including Sky’s intricate illustrations of just a few of the world’s endangered species. Each piece progressively takes the shape of an imagined, ethereal landscape, full of rich, earthy hues and a multitude of textures inviting you to look deeper and contemplate the threat of extinction the animals in the artworks are facing.

Sky has found herself on a personal journey whilst creating this collection, not only discovering the beauty of each animal but also finding herself as an artist and exploring a variety of techniques to create textures that convey tranquillity and vitality contrasted by sombre truths. She hopes that her artwork will have a powerful impact on those who visit and move them to consider the effect mankind has on the planet.

Sky Siouki’s colourful and expressive artwork is created using a range of mixed media. She begins by priming her canvas with texture mediums and then a loose wash of acrylic paint and graphite scribbles. She then begins to find a composition, building up more colour and texture using collage, found materials, metal leaf and pastels before placing transfers of her finely detailed pencil illustrations into the works. At this stage Sky finishes her paintings working in oil paint to add smooth gradients of soothing hues and rich, thick patches of accent colours, creating an absorbing depth to her pieces.

The exhibition is on 26th June – 31st July 2021 at ACEarts in Somerton.

ACEarts is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm.

All paintings are for sale through the gallery.

Author: Geraldine Wise



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