Meet the Maker: Lucy Litchfield, natural soap creator

Tell us about your business, what is it you do and how did you get into it?

I have always been interested in ‘natural living’ but during my first pregnancy this turned into an urgent passion. I no longer wanted to put shop-bought ‘hygiene’ products on my body, without knowing what all the ingredients were. So, I began making my own. Deodorant came first, followed by toothpaste and moisturiser. 

It wasn’t long before I experimented with my first batch of soap and realising how wonderful my own soap felt on my skin, began to give it friends and family. With all the positive comments and a little persuasion to start selling it, I did!

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Where do you source your materials and how do you choose them?

Living with an environmentalist and ecologist means I learn a lot about our planet, biodiversity and eco systems. Learning about the negative impact much of the world’s food-growing is having and understanding the clear positive outcomes of growing organic means that I will only buy certified organic oils and botanicals. They are scientifically-proven to be better for our bodies, and for our planet, and all other ecosystems within it.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I like to be active and purposeful, foraging and making concoctions for the family, gardening and getting jobs done outside is always fun, cleaning and organising inside (not that you would think it looking at my home!) There is always a mending pile bursting at the seams, so I am often found with needle and thread by the fire! I do like a good movie too, something historical, perhaps a little romantic, but certainly gritty.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced and do you have any advice for others?

My biggest challenge I have faced is confidence – something I have lacked my entire life. Partly down to nature, but also to an awful lot of bullying from both friends and family in my youth. Looking after my mental health has become a huge part of daily life and really the sole reason for my bath bombs.

It is so important to rise above other people’s judgements and acknowledge yourself as a worthy and likeable human being. Anything you can do to make that happen, be it yoga, ritual, craft, exercise or all of the above, its really important to learn that you can be happy and feel connected and purposeful, even when your demons tell you otherwise.

What does the future have in store? What plans do you have for your soap-making business in the future, and how would you like it to develop over time?

More and more I want to learn from plants that surround me here in Somerset, and close by. To utilise the power and healing of them in my products. I also want more than ever to share my love of aprons and pinafores, and I have so many ideas, but with two small daughters it is a struggle to put these ideas into practice. My most important thing while they are young is them, and being present, so I am happy to be patient and show them off when the time is right!

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What do you do to relax? Are there other crafts that you like to do?

I enjoy any home making, productive crafts, I’m often on my sewing machine or mending favourite items to last a bit longer. I like to try and knit at least one item a year and I endeavour to make rather than buy for my children.

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Lucy Litchfield

Natural soap maker Lucy Litchfield's mission is to create natural products with certified organic oils & botanicals that nourish skin and soul