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Handmade by Tinni – Sustainable Statement Textile Jewellery & Home Décor, An Award-winning Brand
👋 Hi, I’m Paulomi and I am a textile jewellery designer and maker. I create colourful, bold designs that brings joy & inspire ethical living.

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⭐️ I believe jewellery has the power to bring joy in our day. This motivates me to design colourful & fun jewellery that can make you glow with happiness and stand out in a crowd. ⭐️

⭐️ You will also feel proud when showcasing my designs as they are handmade, sustainable, and unique. ⭐️

With over 100 five star reviews on my shop, I can assure your highest satisfaction with my designs. 

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♥️My inspiration

Handmade by Tinni was a natural step for me, born out of my passion for handcrafted unique jewellery. When I set-up my brand finally in 2020, my design inspiration came from the bright colours of nature, amazing places that I have travelled to over the years and most importantly from the rich heritage of India.

♥️My art

I mainly use age-old rope knotting crafts and processes like macramé; creating colourful, unique and bold designs is what makes my textile jewellery stand out!

🌏Why sustainability?

As an earth-loving soul, I want to make designs that do not harm our world any further.

🌏How have I embraced it?

⭐️Cotton – I chose organic cotton as my main design medium as it is biodegradable, soft to wear, anti-allergic, colourful, and extremely flexible to let my imagination flow.
⭐️Handmade – I take great pride in making each piece by hand.
⭐️Local – I am based in London and make all my jewellery here.
⭐️Women-owned – A proud independent creative designer
⭐️Zero Waste Designs – I consciously made an effort to design new collection using my scrap rope endings to reduce any waste from my materials. Currently I have 3 products in my shop that are entire based on my own rope extras that otherwise could have ended up in waste.
⭐️Partnership with Ecologi to become more climate positive – Handmade by Tinni will now fund 32 trees to be planted each month in reforestation projects around the world.

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My aim is to make you embrace colours, look beautiful and feel proud while you showcase my designs.

My most popular designs remain the word necklaces, especially the ‘Love’ and ‘Hello’ necklaces. This is truly unique and statement. However, for home décor, I can make longer words or sentences.

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🎨Colour Choices

I love colour!! And I know you do too!!

So, I have spent a great amount of time sourcing a huge array of colours (28) in my cotton rope collection.

♥️Love Nature & Be Proud