It’s Indie Friday! This week’s guest: Lauren Derrett of Wear ‘em Out

Every Friday, I will share with you an interview asking independent champions to share with us their love for small brands and indie shops. This week’s Small Business star is Lauren Derrett, founder and CEO of Wear ‘em Out, a UK-made reusable period pad brand. Have a read!

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Please introduce yourself and tell us what you’re up to at the moment

Hello, I’m Lauren Derrett, founder and CEO of Wear ‘em Out, a UK-made reusable period pad brand.

Professionally I am getting ready to exhibit at Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place festival, it’s such a great opportunity for us, and also a brilliant day out for anyone who is into wellness.

Personally we are in the middle of moving our life to the beach, a dream I’ve always had that will be coming true in a few weeks, it’s all pretty full on right now.

Please tell us why you love shopping with independent businesses

I know the work that goes into getting a small business off the ground and competing with bigger businesses with larger budgets, so love to champion that. I also know the love and care that goes into products from an independent business.

It can be more than just a business, it’s often women creating second chances for themselves, and I am ALL for supporting that.

Have you got favourite indie makers and brands you’d like to share with us?

I have so many – ones that I’m currently shopping with are Jean Genie, Neon Marl, Nutmeg Wall Art, Pip & Lil, Dainty London, I could go on and on.

Do you shop at markets or indie shops? If so, please let us know which ones and why you love them?

I love a small biz pop up that hosts lots of small business brands. The Pop-Up Club is a great example of this, they also host pop up market stalls. They’ve even managed to get their pop up in to Bluewater, such an opportunity for the small brands being showcased. I get all my eco cleaning products from It’s All About Eco, an online and physical store in Derby.

About Lauren Derrett

Lauren is a 48 year old mum of four from Essex who is forever seeking work/life balance, along with a good piece of cake.

Lauren Derrett’s social media and website:

Lauren Derrett on Instagram

Lauren Derrett’s website

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