How to stay cool at an outdoor market in the heat!

The sun is lovely (obvs), but there’s such a thing as a little bit toooo hot!

Here are some top tips from our Bristol Market makers for keeping your cool when working outdoors in the heat.

Don’t forget to put sunscreen on and have a break in the shade as often as you can.

Take some ice packs to apply to your skin/neck/forehead and/or a cool water mist (store them in a cool bag).

Freeze half a bottle of water or juice in the freezer, then top up with tap water before leaving home.

Have some cold/frozen wet tea towels to put around your neck.

Chew on frozen berries.

A little bag of frozen peas makes a great ice pack and handy snack for kids.

Apply ice or a cold water bottle to pulse points.

Stay in the shade.

Wear a hat if you’re in the sun.

If you have a fabric sun hat, soak it in water before putting on your head!

Happy Summer!

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