Bristol Market introduces its first Slow Fashion Market

As the shops and markets start to re-open, Bristol Market are continuing to focus on supporting independent makers and businesses through our 48 hour online markets. 

The support for indie makers has grown tremendously over the past year. As the pandemic brought everything to a close (on numerous occasions) indie businesses have found a new way to survive and thrive online.

Bristol Market has been supporting so many inspiring indie businesses over the past year via our incredible and inclusive online markets with an aim to showcase indie creatives and businesses, whilst attracting many new shoppers to buying independent. 

So, what happens now that the shops have all re-opened? Will support for indie biz start to continue as people turn back to the high street with a focus on convenience over conscience? 

One of the main things that has been drawing shoppers back to the high street is fashion…..mass produced, fast fashion! 

Here at Bristol Market we are asking you to consider the right balance in becoming more sustainable and slowing down your fashion consumption whilst continuing to support independent.  

With this in mind we are excited to announce an exclusive slow fashion market which will showcase indie fashion designers, brands and vintage fashion businesses, with a focus on sustainability. 

We aim to remain as inclusive as possible whilst encouraging our friends, families and customers to become a little more fashion conscious by slowing down on the amount they are consuming, to ask who made your clothes (and under what conditions) and to consider if you really need to buy it? 

It really is easier than you think and changing your mindset to the way you shop is the first step to becoming more fashion conscious.

Yes, agreed independently made fashion items are going to be more expensive, they are handmade with love on small fashion runs. Many indie designers create exclusive one-off pieces too, they are predominantly, handcrafted pieces of art. 

There is a misconception that slow and sustainable fashion is only for those who can afford it. Perhaps you have thought this or heard someone say it? 

An indie maker cannot mass produce clothing (they are often working alone- with a part time job in tow) they cannot afford to sell you an item as cheaply as Primark can. You are paying for the quality and the effort and care that has gone into making each item. 

So, how can you afford to buy independently? 

Consider slowing down on the amount you buy, you may find that the amount saved on those fast fashion shopping sprees and pops into the shops on your lunch breaks, may balance out, enabling you to make occasional indie purchases. 

Plus, these indie made pieces are unique and limited edition, which is another thing to celebrate! 

It may sound life-changing but by changing your mindset on the way you shop and gradually making a change for good, we promise the easier it will become to support slow fashion! You may even have an extra few pounds in your pocket! 

How else can you become more fashion conscious?

Well, we haven’t even mentioned pre-loved and vintage clothing yet! 

Who doesn’t love a charity shop, eh? If you are new to charity shopping and find it a bit overwhelming, pop into a vintage shop where all the hard work has been done for you with a wide range of fun and fabulous curated collections of pre-loved and vintage gems – often saved from landfill! See the good you are already doing to our planet? 

What about attending a clothes swap event or arranging your own clothes swapping party (in your garden for now!) with your friends? Sometimes all your wardrobe needs is a little refresh and clothes swapping still gives you the buzz of shopping but doesn’t come with a price tag! 

The Bristol Market Slow Fashion Market is an introduction to indie makers and vintage fashion, a window into the slow fashion world to help you find your new favourite indie and vintage brands! 

Take a break from fast fashion and following fashion trends, slow fashion is going to help save the planet, it’s not a trend, it’s here to stay! 

The 48-hour Slow Fashion Market will take place in Instagram stories starting Fri 21 May at 8pm.  

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Author: Geraldine Wise



Emma Gorton-Ellicott

Emma Gorton-Ellicott is a slow and sustainable fashion journalist and fashion designer at No Debutante and Fruit Salad