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One of the most magical ways to enhance our wellbeing is through incorporating ritual into our day. Holistic ritual has the ability to accompany us, keeping us connected and holding space.

I was born in Australia and raised between France and Scotland. From my earliest moments of breathing in my grandmother’s wrists, soaked in violets, to crumpling eucalyptus leaves in hot hands while riding horses, shaking jacaranda pods under cobalt petalled umbrellas, smelling the thick mossy peat to signal winter’s return or dripping lavender on burns, aromatherapy has always been a part of me. My early twenties (25 years ago) were spent in London, and in the midst of a lot of fun began to feel eroded by traffic, buildings and early morning streets. I craved to open my heart and my nose, and that’s when I began to study aromatherapy academically which led me to Ayurveda and to ritual.

The world is so fast-paced and we can find ourselves in a hurricane, disconnected from our needs and desires. We have so many layers put on us, or put on by us, to weather the storm. Returning to ancient rituals and nature has the ability to ignite reconnection, with ourselves and each other.

One ritual we can all incorporate into our day is transforming our cuppa into modernised tea ceremony for one. We choose the cup we find the most beautiful to hold (how it feels in our hands is everything). Whether we are using a tea bag, or a loose leaf isn’t really the point, we pour the recently boiled water slowly, let it steep quietly. We sit, we breathe, not pressing pause on the day but rather having created a space to be. We free our minds of worry as the botanical drifts to our nose, we soothe our bodies as we slowly sip. This moment carved is a space of holistic healing that will ripple out into the rest of our day.

Our need to move gently, deeper and with absolute ease, towards our most authentic selves is why we have begun our monthly subscription box Rewild & Ritual where we practice holistic ritual, meditation and expansion as we explore the seasons, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, holistic beauty and the moon in a necessary rewilding.

Rewild & Ritual Subscriptions

Bohobo Aromatherapies Monthly Subscription Box, accessing the digital Rewild & Ritual, and a beautiful box which will arrive at your door, full of joy, for £17.50.


Monthly Digital Subscription with access to Rewild & Ritual for £5.

Head to Rewild & Ritual and purchase the subscription, leaving your Instagram handle in the notes, request us here and I will welcome you to the page. Boxes will be posted on Wednesdays.

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Author: Geraldine Wise



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