Meet the Maker: Bella Rock

Tell us about your business, what is it you do and how did you get into it?

I’m Becki and I’m the founder of Bella Rock, making natural skin care using aromatherapy. 

I started making my own skin care back in 2015 after being diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I found the creativity behind making my own skin care so therapeutic. I had also received a diagnoses of abnormal cervical cells around the same time which is what led me to looking at what I was putting into my body. Luckily the cells were non-cancerous, but the discovery of so many cancerogenic ingredients in many high street skin care and cosmetic brands was shocking.  

Bella Rock was originally more of a hobby, making products for myself, family and friends, but ended up launching into a business in June 2017 and here we are, almost 4 years later!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced and do you have any advice for others?

Online sales! When I launched the business back in 2017, I never realised how hard it was to sell online. Over the years it has gradually improved; in 2019 I had on average 4 online sales per month. In 2020 it went up to on average 13 sales per month – this was definitely helped by Geraldine’s Bristol Market on Instagram which launched during the first lockdown!  My advice to other small businesses is to keep going, success literally does take years to happen. Definitely try online markets and I have found selling on Etsy has really helped lift my sales.

Bristol is renowned for being a creative city, how has Bristol had an impact on or inspired your business?

I’m very proud to be from such an amazing diverse city! The love for independent business has brought so much support for Bella Rock from customers and fellow traders alike. To this day, the majority of my customers continue to be from Bristol, many of which I met at the Tobacco Factory Market which I’m very grateful for. 

I continue to meet so many talented Independent creatives, makers and artists in Bristol at markets and in shops, which always inspires me to keep going and love what I do. 

Where do you source your materials and how do you choose them?

I have always used a select few UK suppliers for all of my ingredients and packaging. I use companies I trust who are certified Fair Trade and will use organic ingredients where I can. I also re-use parcels and packaging for any online orders to help stop trees being cut down. 

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love nature and very lucky to currently live right next to the sea living in Wales. We are spoilt with an amazing coast line, castles and waterfalls all within a short drive. In 2020 I really got into foraging and sea swimming which I recommend to anyone! 

Being from Bristol originally and still making my products there, I feel very fortunate to enjoy the best of both this awesome city and the wildness of Wales. 

Author: Geraldine Wise



Bella Rock

Becki founded Bella Rock to create products which have the lowest environmental impact possible, as well as healing for both our minds and body.

She makes all of her products in Bristol with a bit of help from her mum Ruth!

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