Twig Plants

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Houseplants and Handmade Cotton Plant Pots 

Hi, I’m Sarah and I set up Twig in March 2019. Come chat plants and pots with me at my new shop 175 North Street, Bristol, BS3 1JQ.

Twig stemmed from my background in conservation living in tropical rainforests round the world. Getting back and settling into the UK I didn’t want to lose that connection to nature and the benefits to wellbeing. I have always been creative and love playing with different textures and colours. My handmade plant pots are made of recycled cotton yarn with simple colourful designs.

Do you like the thought of giving your plant a hug? Bringing design and nature together in your home? I love it, and if I can get more plants in peoples home, connect them to nature and make them look great along the way then I’ll be happy.

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