Spardha's Natural

 Bath, Body and Soul, Bristol Makers

What I bring to you with Spardha’s Natural skin care range, is the knowledge and history of my origin, and my expertise as a professional beauty therapist.

I started my journey with Spardha’s Natural to bring awareness about all the chemicals that we put on daily, on and inside our bodies. I wanted to provide natural alternatives that didn’t use any parabens, SLS, artificial perfumes etc. and was made with organic ingredients.

My roots are from incredible India, a land of thousands of years of ancient history, mysticism, spirituality, and home of yoga and Ayurveda. According to old Indian texts (vedas), Ayurveda is an ancient medical system spanning over 5000 yrs. Ayurveda can be directly translated to Science (Veda) of Life (Ayur). It is still very prominent in the Medical field and the Beauty and Food industries in India (and beyond). My great grandfather was a herbalist and an Ayurvedic doctor. Most of his recipes were passed down through the generations, which have now been passed down to me through my mum. Some of them are for curing ailments but I am only using what’s suited to maintain healthy skin and hair. So as you can see, I am passing some of my family secrets on to you.

All my products come in sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, which are 95-100% plastic free, as I believe that we all should be contributing our little bit to make this world a cleaner, better and greener place for our future generations.

Thank you for taking time to read my story. Namaste!