Robyn Coetzee Glass Designs

 Bristol Makers, Homeware & Décor, Jewellery, Letterbox Friendly, Plants & Garden

Robyn Coetzee Glass Designs

Robyn is a Bristol artist/maker of fused glass home decor and jewellery.

At the moment Robyn is working on a new recycled-glass jewellery range made from wine bottles.

Her popular “Common British Garden Bird” range reflects her passion for birds and bringing nature into the home. She offers a wide range of choices of how to display her feathered friends, either hanging as a mobile, mounted on the wall, presented on a beautiful recycled wooden plinth or as an indoor garden plant accessory. More information here.

“Through my work I am able to discover in more detail their quirky mannerisms, their defining colours, patterns, and recognisable silhouettes. By observing and creating glass birds I am immersing myself in nature and I want to share this joy with you“.

Robyn is also passionate about generating as little new waste as possible by re-purposing cardboard boxes and using recycled products in her packaging.

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