Potty Potters

 Ceramic & Pottery, Homeware & Décor

My name is Chris and I am a potter from Frome.  I make practical vessels for every day use such as mugs, platers, bowls, oil bottles.

My connection with earth and things primal began with growing vegetables. It was a great antidote to my professional life as a pilot. I stopped flying in 2011 and my partner Helene steered me into some pottery lessons with a friend on a kickwheel. I’ve always been creative in some way or other and  quickly found an affinity with the clay. I found pottery very elemental in that it is basically earth, fire, air and water. There was much trial and error, experimentation and of course excellent teaching by various individuals both here and abroad.  We’ve tried to present a diverse, interesting colour and texture palette to make our pots both functional and pleasing.

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