Moon Fire Clay

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Fascinated with the possibilities and unpredictability of smoke firing, Rhea creates one of a kind pieces that gain their markings from botanicals that are fired alongside the clay.

Inspired by nature and the beautiful array of plants growing around her, Rhea sources all of the botanicals for her firings from her local area, often they are foraged or home grown, so her firings are in tune with the seasons.

Using a process called saggar firing, each individual ceramic piece is packed in it’s own parcel to hold carefully placed flora on the surface. These are then placed into a fire so that the leaves, flowers and botanicals burn and infuse into the clay body, leaving beautiful, painterly marks and patterns. Sometimes the shapes of the botanicals are really clear, sometimes more abstract but they are forever imbued into the ceramic piece, creating a connection between the object and the place in which it was created. Needless to say no two pieces are ever the same.

All works are sealed with liquid quartz, making the ceramic surface hydrophobic and completely food safe.

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