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Welcome! My name is Cathy, and I am the maker behind KookyBooks. These handbound notebooks and sketchbooks are made in Bristol, UK using traditional techniques in unique, modern styles.

My favourite element of bookbinding is the spines. Traditionally, the intricate stitches holding pages together are tucked away under cloth or leather, hidden from sight. I leave the spines of my books exposed so the beautiful stitches are on show to be enjoyed and appreciated. The ribbons, used to strengthen the spine, are not plain and hidden but colourful and proudly featured. Each book has a unique set of ribbons, with a unique set of stitches. A lot of time and love goes into the design of each spine.

I use ethical, 130gsm, recycled & acid free cartridge paper in my books which is perfect for writing, drawing or any dry media. The books are sewn with Coptic stitch which means the books can open completely flat, so there is no dreaded center crease to avoid!

I also make books out of greetings cards, binding together your collection of new baby, graduation or wedding cards, which is such a lovely way to keep memories alive. Instead of hiding them away, have them on your shelf to be picked up and flicked through.

Custom orders are very welcome so please don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!

To see more or to get in touch visit my website , or find me on instagram 

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