Carole Hillman

 Books, Cards and Stationery, New Makers, Prints & illustrations

Carole Hillman is a French artist living with her family in Southampton. Since her childhood she always has been passionate about drawing and art in general. Her granny bought her a massive coloring book when she was a kid. … Carole spent hours doing it. She likes colors, mixing print and patterns, the smell of the painting and dreaming a lot…. ! 

She worked for a few years in the fashion industry in Paris and London. She learnt a lot about prints, fabrics, colors and textures. She likes to play with the idea that some of her designs could work pretty well on scarves and other soft furnishings. 

She finds her inspiration in everything that surrounds her. She loves spending time walking in the wood and observing nature and animals that she likes to illustrate. Since becoming a mum, kid’s illustration has become one of her favorite themes. 

Carole is working on digital art but she likes having a go with watercolor and acrylic paints too. She loves challenging herself by trying new subjects, playing with colors, textures and new techniques. 

For now she is working on children’s book Illustration. But she is always looking forward to meet new people, sharing with others artists and working on new projects. 

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