Bungalow Ceramics

  • Mosaic Ceramic Jewellery, Art Nouveau, Bristol, Bungalow Ceramics, square ceramic dangle earrings in green and orange waterlily design, by Bungalow Ceramics
  • square ceramic earrings in grey concrete brutalist architecture design, by Bungalow Ceramics, ceramic jewellery, Bristol
  • ceramic earrings in colourful geometric design, Memphis Milano Grid design, by Bungalow Ceramics
  • round ceramic earrings, colourful organic mosaic, inspired by Gaudi, by Bungalow Ceramics
  • round ceramic earrings in blue, white and orange, inspired by Henri Matisse Chinese Fish artwork, by Bungalow Ceramics
  • Sadie of Bungalow designs, making earrings in her studio
  • selection of ceramic earrings by Bungalow designs
  • yellow and orange square art deco sunburst earrings by Bungalow Ceramics
  • selection of ceramic earrings by Bungalow Ceramics
  • ceramic earrings in grey inspired by Hepworth, by Bungalow Ceramics
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