Bohobo Aromatherapies

 Bath, Body and Soul, Children, Kit Boxes, Letterbox Friendly

Bohobo Aromatherapies make natural handmade aromatherapy based products and organic skincare in Frome, Somerset. Their business grew out of a shared desire to slow down and spend as much time with their daughters as possible. B studied aromatherapy 25 years ago and began making Bohobo Aromatherapies products in 2014. Their products (and lives) are constant and evolving following an organic, holistic approach. In 2015 they began adding Ayurvedic elements and crystal infusion to the blends with focus on how daily ritual can greatly enhance living.
Their sidelines and business are very much interwoven. Miles is an abstract painter, and B is a writer. They both have a daily meditation practice and are inspired by nature, seasons and ritual.